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Who I Am

My Backstory

A lifelong Coloradan, I grew up on the West Side of Denver between the city and mountains. Blessed with good teachers and a prime table at my local Denny's, I earned a full four-year scholarship (Boettcher) to the University of Colorado. I broke ribs storming Folsom Field, did my part to maintain my alma mater's #1 party school ranking and set an (unofficial) school record for most credit hours earned in four years (176) on route to degrees in Economics, Political Science, and Finance.

I'd eventually earn both my law degree and an MBA with an emphasis in Health Administration from CU as well, thereby making me the ultra-rare Triple Buff.

I've worked political campaigns at every level from municipal government to a presidential races, argued (and won!) cases before the Colorado Supreme Court, served as General Counsel for both  Colorado's largest post-acute and long-term healthcare provider as well as COVIDCheck Colorado (a pandemic response project), written opinion columns that earned national attention and run my own law firm. I also once got my ass-kicked running for the Colorado state senate.

Most importantly, I married the love of my life who gave me a step-daughter I'm proud of every day.

When I'm not banging around the house on some fool-hearty DIY adventure, I'm either playing soccer, screaming at my beloved Napoli or Chelsea on television, at a Rockies game, or hiking the Colorado Trail. 

.. or if you're looking for my law firm:

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Who I Am
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What I Write

My first regular columns appeared in the Green Mountain High School RamPage. And yes, I thought I was cool putting subliminal messages into a few.

Years later, the editor for Colorado's oldest politics-only publication, the Colorado Statesman, approached me to become a regular contributor on matters of healthcare, politics, public policy, and the law. I loved it so much I haven't stopped writing since.

After a couple years, my columns attracted enough attention to earn me a bi-weekly place writing for the Denver Post, Colorado's largest daily paper. In April 2018, I wrote one of the notorious "News Matters" columns that garnered national attention for attacking the paper's "vulture capital" corporate owners. 

A few months later, I left the Denver Post to join the startup, online only Colorado Sun. Born from the inky-thumbed journalists who had left other papers across the state, the Colorado Sun endeavored to change the delivery system for local news. I have been writing for them on a weekly basis ever since.

In April 2020, the Society of Professional Journalists recognized my work as the the third best "News Column" in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah or Wyoming in their annual Top of the Rockies awards.

In order to break out from my local columns - and because writers write - I've begun to dabble in columns on sports and pop culture (I watch a potentially unhealthy amount of soccer and television series). My ultimate dream is to be found by Mallory Rubin, Sean Fennessey or that Bill dude and become the Italian Shea Serrano.

Until then, I'll keep doing my thing, put thoughts to paper and pray people find it interesting enough to keep reading.

What I Write

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