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Will Colorado Democrats come out swinging in 2019?

Christmas comes a little late for Colorado political junkies. Somewhere between a week or two after the traditional holiday, the Colorado legislative session starts.

There are bills to be unwrapped under the Capitol dome and hurried excitement of legislators and lobbyists alike rushing across the marble floors.

There is even a regular Legislative Session Eve gathering where gifts in the form of pre-session contributions (many illegal once the session begins) flow into the coffers of Democrats and Republicans alike.

I go to the events for both annually because it’s the best source for political gossip to start the New Year. Catching up with old friends and being cornered by lobbyists upset by one of my recent columns only add to the fun.

This year the question on everyone’s lips is how far left will the new Democratic majorities set their agenda? As highlighted by the experienced and always excellent Jesse Paul and John Frank for The Colorado Sun, at least 10 big-ticket items already appear inked into Democrats’ wish list.

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