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Who is Colorado’s dreaded GOP Establishment?

Not a week had gone by since the Colorado Republican Party chose its new leadership before former Congressman Tom Tancredo leveled the ultimate GOP barb against the new administration.

After U.S. Rep. Ken Buck won the chairmanship at the bi-annual meeting and appointed former chair Steve House to run day-to-day operations, Tancredo took to local radio to decry Buck’s choice.

The charge? They represent the “Establishment.”

In today’s Colorado Republican Party, no aspersion casts a darker shadow than being labeled a member of the dreaded establishment. The frequency with which that slur is bandied about in Republican circles is astonishing. Nearly anytime a disagreement in the party goes public, at least one person will be accused of being either a member or a puppet for the establishment.

The unanswered question is: who constitutes the GOP Establishment in Colorado?

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