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What’s going on in the Galindo recall in Greeley?

The scuttlebutt at the state Capitol these days revolves around recalls. Nine committees containing the word “recall” have been registered with the Secretary of State’s Office since 2019 began.

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, R-Windsor, made recalls a central part of his victory speech after winning the Colorado Republican Party Chair election.

Yet, despite committees targeted at higher-ranking elected officials, including both Gov. Jared Polis and Senate President Leroy Garcia, the only petitions approved to date have been for state Rep. Rochelle Galindo, a Democrat from Greeley.

More striking, while the other eight recall committees have raised grand totals ranging between $20 and $100, the kitty for the Committee to Recall Rochelle Galindo already tips the scales at more than $100,000.

The jaw-dropping disparity has led to substantial speculation over why Galindo has become the primary recall target in Colorado.

Read the rest of this column in the Colorado Sun.

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