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Want to end mass shootings? Don’t get distracted by other issues.

After another tragic, commonplace massacre of school children in America last week, the monotonous debate on what needs to be done began again. Nearly a quarter century after Columbine, we have yet to implement changes to protect our most vulnerable.

The simple truth is that nothing will happen until gun control advocates become single-issue voters like their gun rights opposition.

Outrage and recriminations bloomed in media accounts and social media posts in the immediate aftermath of two teachers and 19 students being gunned down inside yet another school, this time in Texas. Pain and horror and sadness and anger filled hearts across the country.

And like all emotions, they will fade far sooner than we could expect, and most will move on to other issues. And that is a part of the problem. Too many who demand action move on too fast without long-term, dedicated advocacy.

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