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Trump’s plan to fail

A popular axiom enunciates “failing to plan is planning to fail.” President Donald Trump has proved adept at both during 2020. Trump failed to plan for a pandemic crippling America and is currently planning for the failure of the U.S. Postal Service and, consequently, our presidential election.

In late January through February, Trump failed to plan for the coronavirus and instead claimed it would just “go away.” Seven months after the first U.S. case, more than 5 million Americans have been infected and 167,000 have lost their lives.

But for the actions of governors across the country, Trump’s failure to plan would have led to even greater death tolls.

As Labor Day approaches and the election homestretch appears around the bend in November, Trump’s polling figures continue to fall in inverse relation to the rising coronavirus numbers across the country. That threatens the only thing Trump truly seems concerned about – his own self-image.

Trump cannot win over a majority of Americans and seems destined to lose an Electoral College blowout. To square those two realities with his broken sense of self-worth, Trump is now actively planning to undermine the presidential election.

Over the past several months, Trump feverishly clawed at the practice of voting by mail like a trapped rat drowning in a sewer inundated by floodwaters. 

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