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Tina Peters’ post-election actions portend a scary future

Tina Peters’ Quixotic attempt to win Colorado’s top election official would be comical if it were not so terrifying. The state’s foremost election denier spent more than a quarter-million dollars on a recount to find out that she lost by the exact same margin the original tally indicated.

Peters lost by more than 88,000 votes while garnering only a little over 180,000 statewide. This was not a nailbiter.

Put into perspective, since the 2000 presidential election there have been just over 30 statewide recounts across the country. The biggest vote swing was in Florida in 2018 when Ron DeSantis lost 3,500 votes (out of more than 8.2 million cast), but still won the election.

Peters needed to flip 25 times as many votes from a total vote count less than one tenth the size. I have a better chance to find a winning Powerball ticket lying in the street.

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