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They almost killed Casa Bonita! South Park creators aim to come to the rescue

Casa Bonita should be every bit as eternal as the gastrointestinal suffering it has caused over the past 50 years. Yet, just as the coronavirus pandemic shuttered other Colorado eateries, it closed the iconic restaurant last year.

Free tours of the paradise/hellscape within the apropos Pepto Bismol-pink tower persist and the arcade is open, but the current owners have filed for bankruptcy. Any permanent closure would be an affront to the childhood of every Coloradan, particularly those of us who grew up in the western suburbs of Denver.

Thanks to two Colorado originals, the fate of Casa Bonita may no longer be circling the toilet.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of “South Park” — and the criminally under-rated BASEketball movie — have announced their intention to purchase the venue.

I don’t know what the state equivalent of the Presidential Medal of Freedom is, but Gov. Jared Polis should seriously consider bestowing it on Parker and Stone if they save our beloved landmark.

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