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The Supreme Court locks in systemic racial disparity with two cases on higher education

For the second year in a row, the Supreme Court of the United States stripped away progress and left people across the nation hopeless. That is the enduring legacy this court seems dead set on securing.

In particular, the twin rulings against affirmative action and student debt relief ensured another generation of minorities will remain crushed beneath hundreds of years of institutional injustice. It is devasting for them individually, their communities and our country as a whole.

Yes, yes, SCOTUS also issued the Right to Be an Asshole Ruling in support of a Colorado web designer who invented a fake scenario that likely should not have been heard in the first place. And if you are offended by the language, trust me it is nothing compared to the bigotry of the folks at the Colorado GOP peeing themselves in excitement to deride and denigrate the LGBTQ+ community.

But as much as I dislike that decision, it pales in comparison to what the court did to communities of color.

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