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The death of the voting rights bill could doom democracy

Sometimes it may be difficult to see how legislation in other states affects us here in Colorado. Nowhere is that more evident than the death of the voting rights bill last week.

In our state, we have a system that provides both broad access and protection against fraud. Our electorate has one of the highest participation rates in the country.

Every election, most of us get a ballot in the mail weeks ahead of Election Day and can choose between mailing it back, bringing it to a secure drop box or casting an in-person vote at a polling location. Coloradans can vote early or they can vote on Election Day.

The multitude of options equates to greater freedom. It is the essence of liberty.

No right is more important in a democracy than the right to vote. Not health care, not education, not even free speech. Though each is undoubtedly key to creating a strong democratic government, none is as fundamental as the right to vote.

Without the right to vote, we do not have a democracy.

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