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Thanksgiving starts with a little sacrifice

Historically, Thanksgiving celebrates the generosity and assistance Native American tribes provided to English colonists from the Mayflower. The colonists’ fall feast represented gratitude for help without which most would likely have died.

Almost exactly 400 years later, our country finds itself in a parallel circumstance.

Health care workers have spent every day since early March demonstrating remarkable generosity, assistance and selflessness. By and large Americans have voiced their thanks and support.

Yet as the holiday season approaches, it is time to do more than thank those workers. It is time to recognize their sacrifice with some of our own, starting with smaller Thanksgiving celebrations and limited holiday travel.

Large gatherings pose a significant risk of spreading COVID-19, even among family members. That is particularly true when family or friends have recently traveled to attend.

With cases spiking across Colorado and the nation, the best way to thank health care workers is to avoid overwhelming them with an influx of Thanksgiving-driven cases.

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