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Ted Lasso would be proud of Denver’s British Bulldog community

This year’s hit Halloween costumes have revolved around the feel-good soccer show Ted Lasso. Take your pick from Coach Lasso himself to Coach Beard or Rebecca Welton. Couples going as Keeley Jones and Roy Kent. Shoot, even U.S. Sens. Mitt Romney and Krysten Sinema got in on the act.

Even Jose Mourinho is rumored to have gone trick-or-treating as Nate the (Not So) Great. Or is it the other way around?

Not only has the show won all the awards, but the hearts of viewers across the globe. Even in soccer-heathen backwater countries such as ours. The actual soccer is nominal — not even close to as authentic as the oblong-pigskin-ball played in Friday Night Lights — and serves only as a backdrop for the people and relationships to revolve around.

That seems about right. It is exactly what I have witnessed over more than a decade watching soccer at The British Bulldog, my favorite pub and the beating heart of soccer in Denver.

More than the soccer, it is the people who make the experience a staple in my life. The bar is a gathering place for folks from disparate backgrounds to band together and support their teams until their voices give out.

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