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Tay Anderson should rethink his Trumpian tactics

The saga of Tay Anderson enflamed passions on all sides over the past six months. It ended with no winners, but a host of losers. None lost more than Anderson himself — mostly self-inflicted.

The furor began in March after Black Lives Matter 5280 issued a statement that accused Anderson of sexual assault. The charismatic Denver Public Schools Director became a leading voice during protests after the George Floyd murder. As a young Black man, he spoke with eloquence based on lived experience.

To say that Anderson is a gifted orator for someone so young is a disservice. He speaks with a rhythm and power that rivals any elected official of any age in Colorado. However, he frequently peppers that gift with language that is both accusatory and self-aggrandizing.

The duality has made him a hero in some circles and a villain in others. Even members of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party bristled at his opportunism, much less the Republicans whose glee at his circumstance has been downright indecent.

Left-leaning pollster Eric Sondermann recently quipped, “Tay Anderson has become the Donald Trump of Denver politics. His loyal base laps it all up and thinks he can do no wrong. But more discerning voters turn away in disgust.”

The comparison seemed particularly apt over the past week.

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