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RTD light rail, or 1970s era New York subway?

RTD has a security problem that is causing some commuters to opt out of mass transit altogether. If left unchecked, it threatens to subvert the multibillion-dollar FasTracks project enacted by voters nearly two decades ago.

You can count me among those who eschew the system due to rising concerns.

Living in Lakewood, I can walk to two different light rail stations within 30 minutes. Both the Wadsworth Park-n-Ride Station and Garrison Station are stops along the W Line. The latter is just three blocks north of my church, set in an otherwise quiet residential neighborhood. It is a stop without parking and typically meant for passengers riding a bike, walking or being dropped off.

It is also the location where a group of juveniles assaulted a 45-year-old man, beat him and pushed him from the train. His injuries were so severe he needed to be rushed to St. Anthony’s Hospital for treatment. A few weeks later along the same line, another man fell victim to a brutal attack that broke multiple bones and required reconstructive facial surgery.

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