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Republicans suing to bar unaffiliated voters from Colorado’s primaries aren’t on the fringe of the p

In 2020, I voted in my first Democratic primary. I am unaffiliated and received ballots for both major parties. The Democratic ballot had more choices and more at stake.

This year, I planned to vote in the Republican primary if only to stand against Tina Peters’ campaign to kill democracy.

If a group of Republicans who filed a lawsuit last week get their way, I won’t have the chance.

The lawsuit would bar unaffiliated voters from participating in the Republican Party primary. It was filed after the Colorado GOP avoided a death spiral by voting against an opt-out proposal last September. During the same meeting a majority did authorize the state party to file a lawsuit, but it had not acted.

Tired of waiting on the party, several Republicans took matters into their own hands.

I have seen several social media posts from GOP insiders claiming that the lawsuit is just a “kooky idea,” “silly,” and that the plaintiffs are just “a handful of fringy Republicans.” They obviously understand that shutting out unaffiliated voters would be a leaden lifejacket drowning Republican candidates up and down the ballot this November.

They also overlook too many inconvenient facts.

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