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Re-jiggering redistricting in Colorado

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

As elections roll around again, political junkies across the state will again bemoan gerrymandered districts. Districts that run miles along a highway, weave through districts, or look like a salamander when drawn out, elicit the most ire from political activists.

My personal favorite in Colorado is state Senate District 16 which incorporates southwest Denver County, slips through a very narrow passage along the Chatfield Reservoir beach to include the mountainous western portion of Jefferson County, and finally wraps around three other JeffCo Senate districts before ending up in Boulder County. Its ridiculousness is laughable.

This November, though, Colorado voters get the opportunity to make a positive change. Referred to the ballot by a unanimous, bipartisan vote of the state legislature, Amendment Y would dramatically change the process Colorado uses to redraw congressional lines every 10 years. Likewise, Amendment Z reconfigures the process related to state legislative boundaries.

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