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Mesa County clerk Tina Peters should be recalled for potentially criminal behavior

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters not only bought into the Big Lie told by former President Donald Trump and his sock puppets, but took it to the next level. As a local election official charged with upholding the pillars of democracy, she undermined the votes of her constituents and potentially engaged in criminal behavior.

Peters won’t resign, so the voters of Mesa County should take it into their own hands and recall her.

While residents could wait until next November to oust her at the ballot box, there is good reason they should not. The most imminent problem is that Peters is charged with running both the primary elections and the general election. Given her blatant disregard for security rules and state law, there is little reason to believe she would not go even further to assure her own victory.

After all, what is a little light election fraud to someone who thinks an entire presidential election was stolen?

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