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Lauren Boebert is all holster and no gun

Boebert? Boebert? Boebert? Boebert?

When news broke that Rep. Lauren Boebert missed the debt ceiling vote — the most consequential since Republicans won control of the House of Representatives last November — all I could hear was Ben Stein’s nasal monotone calling roll.

Of course that is not how the voting system works anymore in Congress, but it is the only fitting way to think of the congresswoman not-really-representing Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District failing to cast her ballot. If Shakespeare taught us anything, it is that the greatest tragedies require at least a little comedic respite.

Boebert has done nothing since being first elected but agitate and self-promote. She is only interested in — and maybe only capable of — engaging in high-pitched diatribes that draw cameras and MAGA supplicants. If it does not benefit her directly, she has no time for it.

The debt ceiling debate was the perfect example.

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