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John Eastman is a traitor who tried to kill our democracy

John Eastman is a traitor.

Eastman plotted to undermine our democracy and overthrow the government. He developed a specious plot to cast aside millions of votes, persuaded an autocratic president to act on it and helped instigate a violent insurrection into the physical heart of our democratic republic.

The complexity of the plan and how it unfolded create subtle differences in interpretation and explanation of his actions, but in simple terms, Eastman is a traitor.

There is no right more central to a democracy than the right to vote. Even free speech and education are more tangential rights, albeit both are critical to creating a flourishing system of government. Without the right to vote — and to have the government abide by that vote — there is no democracy.

That is exactly what Eastman tried to strip away a year and half ago. He pressured then Vice President Mike Pence to override millions of voters in battleground states like Georgia and Arizona, and indirectly the tens of millions across the country who cast a ballot for President Joe Biden.

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