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Hell might be freezing over, but it’s time to address campaign finance laws

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

My jaw dropped and I checked to see if frost had begun penetrating the floor from the obvious freezing of Hell. Progress Now’s Ian Silverii and I had just agreed in almost lockstep on campaign finance.

Silverii is the Bizzaro World version of me. I’m conservative; he’s liberal. He’s thin and lean, I’m not as much. I write for The Colorado Sun, he writes for … another paper. I thought the only things we had in common were an addiction to politics and an ability to marry up.

Then I woke up to this Tweet from him:“… American campaign finance laws are the absolute dumbest, worst constructed, and cross-purpose pieces of public policy in existence. They actively make the problem they purport to fix demonstrably worse in every way.”

Read the rest of this column in the Colorado Sun.

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