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Gardner must hope the new year brings a new Colorado GOP

The New Year cannot arrive fast enough for the Colorado GOP. The big question is whether the new year will usher in a new Republican Party or if we are destined to see more of the same in 2019 and beyond.

Last year, Republican suffering culminated with devastating losses across Colorado on Election Day. The wipeout included losing three statewide constitutional offices and control of the state Senate.

Concurrently, Democrats increased their stranglehold on the governor’s office and state house. Despite the electoral carnage, Republicans have little time to lick wounds before the 2020 campaign. To the contrary, the most important campaign has already begun.

As I see it, Sen. Cory Gardner enters the 2020 race as a very rare incumbent underdog. The Democrats’ sweep underscores nearly two decades of dominance at the top of the ticket.

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