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DougCo Board of Education fails to make the Wise choice

A little over three months since being elected, the new conservative majority on the Douglas County Board of Education has thrown the district into tumult. Classes were canceled Thursday after more than 1,500 people — nearly half the district staff — called in absent and protested recent actions of the school board.

If the board truly prioritized students and education over political division, they could have proved it by retaining Superintendent Corey Wise. Instead, on a 4-3 vote Friday night, the board voted to fire Wise.

After the board took controversial steps to end mask mandates in schools and submarine the district’s educational equity program, the majority sparked furor by issuing an ultimatum earlier last week to Wise to resign or be fired.

The decision to issue the ultimatum came without public discussion or comment. That is a violation of the Colorado Open Meetings Law.

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