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Don’t be shocked by a drawn-out Democratic primary in Colorado Senate race

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I'm shocked, shocked to find John Hickenlooper in the Colorado Senate race!

I’ve been waiting a few years to employ that famous line from Casablanca in honor of my high school civics teacher. He made watching the film the primary requirement to pass his class. In retrospect, his lesson plan seemed spot on.

Hickenlooper didn’t wait long before jumping out of the presidential race and into a Senate race. Just about a week. Political operatives and media pundits hardly had time to bate their breath before he made his bid official on Thursday. Many Colorado Democrats see him as the single best candidate to knock off Sen. Cory Gardner next November. 

But first the question is what happens in the Democratic primary. 

With 10 months to go before Colorado Democrats choose their nominee, it seems a bit premature to coronate Hickenlooper. Of course, he is the odds-on favorite — he has almost universal name ID, a record-winning statewide office, a strong donor base and experienced staff. He will also likely benefit from a host of outside interest groups spending big to beat rivals over the head.

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