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Deep State? Try Dunce State. Republicans should yell “stop.”

Beginning with Donald Trump’s “birther” dalliance, the conservative intellectual movement has spiraled ever faster down the drain, flushed by Republicans increasingly swayed by conspiracy theories.

The primary campaign victory of a Colorado congressional candidate sympathetic to the QAnon community represented just another cycle around and down the bowl.

The QAnon conspiracy posits that a well-positioned official nicknamed “Q” has spent the past several years reporting on efforts to undermine Trump by “deep state” officials pervasive throughout the government.

Incubated like a virus in the brackish waters of 4Chan, various strains of the conspiracy slowly began seeping into much larger social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Preying on the feeble-minded and willfully-ignorant, the exponential growth has created a “dunce state” large enough to attract vote-seeking politicians.

Conservatives need to take a page out of their past, stand athwart recent history and yell Stop.

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