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Death threats to election officials threaten democracy itself

Earlier this month two reporters from Reuters documented the death threats and violent taunts aimed at election officials across the country — and the utter indifference often displayed by law enforcement.

Make no mistake: this is the greatest threat our democratic system of government has faced since its founding.

Yes, we have fought two world wars. Our country has been riven over matters of civil rights, economic disparity and personal freedoms. We remain in the midst of a pandemic that has killed more than 650,000 Americans.

But we have neve been confronted with so many of our own citizens willing to engage in the violent overthrow of our democratic institutions. Specifically, their aim is the electoral system and ensuring their preferred outcome results.

Even the Civil War never threatened to do away with elections. To the contrary, Jefferson Davis was elected president of the Provisional Government of the Confederacy by the people of the Confederate states.

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