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Could Republicans’ focus on inflation backfire at the polls in November?

Last week I paid over $90 for an oil change. As someone who used to change his own oil, the inflation-fueled sticker shock took a minute to comprehend.

Was my mechanic price gouging? Was I the victim of a nefarious plot by Dark Brandon, the alter-ego of President Joe Biden? What led to near triple-digit oil changes?

A couple calls confirmed that I got a “fair” price. Both my local dealership and Grease Monkey confirmed that they charged between $70 and $100, depending on the type of oil. Given that I use a full synthetic variety, it would have been on the high end.

As for Biden, while it seems requisite for every Republican at every level to blame Biden in every speech, inflation is obviously far more complicated. The set of factors causing inflation cannot be boiled down to one person’s policy choices — or one political party, for that matter.

It is rather the aggregated effect of multiple global factors.

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