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Colorado voters have until today to unaffiliate and participate in the primary of their choosing

Coloradans have until polls close on Election Day to register to vote. But, most important, those already registered with a political party have until today, June 6, to switch parties or unaffiliate ahead of the June 28th primary.

It takes less than five minutes online through the Colorado Secretary of State’s website. Click the link, complete the process and come back to my column after.

Unaffiliated voters can choose to participate in either the Republican primary or the Democratic primary (but not both — if both ballots are turned in, neither will be counted). That is a boon I have taken advantage of in the past and will in the future.

Frankly, I do not understand why anyone would remain affiliated with a political party at this point. It makes much more sense to unaffiliate. Outside of hardcore activists, party officers and public officials who must align with a party to receive its nomination, the benefit of choice for average voters is too significant to pass up.

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