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Colorado’s special session delivered just in time for the holiday season

Credit needs to be given where it is due – and the Colorado legislature deserves applause for showing up to a special session this week and hashing out 10 COVID-19 relie


As members of Congress continue their hurry-up-and-wait game over another nearly $1 trillion relief package, Coloradans from both sides of the aisle rolled up their sleeves and delivered interim relief. That is exactly what good legislative work looks like.

Called by Gov. Jared Polis in mid-November, the special session comes just a month before a new legislative session is set to begin in January. But Polis and legislative leaders understood that Coloradans could not wait.

The impossible balancing act between health care necessities and economic realities have become a daily reality for businesses and the people who work for them. The long-term effects have begun to take hold and create vicious cycles just in time for the holiday season.

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