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Colorado’s presidential primary was an improvement, but we still need to make some tweaks

For years, Colorado politicos complained about our presidential selection process. Even after a host of fixes, this year’s primaries demonstrate a tweak or two may yet be needed.

In previous years, Colorado used the Byzantine caucus system to dole out its delegates. Generally occurring in early March, the caucuses originated as means to bring politics down to a local level.

Nominally, neighbors would gather in living rooms or school gymnasiums and engage in a robust discussion of candidates. In theory, the civic discourse would return the best results.

In practice, the Colorado caucus system devolved into bitter intraparty fights. I’ve been an active participant in enough caucus-packing strategies – turning out specific people in each caucus with a slate of pre-determined delegates to vote for – to know it is a failed system that actively amplifies the most extreme voices in any party.

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