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Colorado lawmakers should channel Ronald Reagan — don’t build that fence

In his farewell speech, President Ronald Reagan famously spoke about America as a shining city upon a hill. His eloquent vision did not include a fence, wrought-iron or otherwise, surrounding the city.

Colorado’s Capitol building, which sits on a literal hill, should not be walled off either.

After vandals caused more than $1 million in damage last year, state officials began looking at plans to build a fence for protection. The idea would be to incorporate an aesthetically pleasing barrier that provides functional protection.

The idea is not without merit or precedent. Just drive around Denver and look at some of the other government buildings in our city.

There is a good reason large, cement planters surround the federal courthouse. They double as a barrier to protect against vehicles approaching. That became particularly important after the Oklahoma City bombing.

But the situations are obviously different.

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