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Colorado keeps hitting home runs as Georgia continues to strike out

Baseball stadiums, peaches and election laws. All things that are better in Colorado than Georgia.

We can start with the easy ones.

Truist Park in Atlanta, the former home of this year’s Midsummer Classic, is just a Coors Field knockoff. They literally lifted the “batter’s eye” design beyond the centerfield wall — a waterfall surrounded by evergreen trees — directly from our blueprints. Then there is the rightfield restaurant with bar stools and tables facing the field.

If they could replicate The Rooftop or sunsets over the Rocky Mountains, they surely would have.

As for the peaches, our Palisade variety makes anything from Georgia seem like a bruised, worm-ridden piece of flavorless cardboard. I know those words may be cause to take up arms in the southern state, but I am betting they would run out of breath in our mile-high air well before they could pose any serious threat.

And that brings us to the biggest, most important distinction.

While Colorado spent nearly a decade working on bipartisan reforms to increase access to the ballot, Georgia seems dead set on returning to antebellum polling procedures. And that is exactly why Major League Baseball stripped the (not so good-) Peach State of its marque summer event.

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