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Clowns to the left, jokers to right, Michael Hancock in the middle continuing to govern

When a politician is attacked from all sides, there is a good chance he is doing something right. At least that is probably what Denver Mayor Hancock must be thinking right now.

Under siege from clowns to the left and jokers to the right, Hancock continues to do the important work of governing Colorado’s largest city and the state’s capital and economic hub.

A perennial thorn in Hancock’s side, Democratic Socialist Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca has led charges to weaken the authority of the Denver Mayor’s Office and recently encouraged people to sue the city after a sweep of a homeless encampment.

Of course, this is the same CdeBaca who refused to voluntarily take eight furlough days in solidarity with city staff during the height of the coronavirus shutdown. Maybe she thought she couldn’t afford to after she got caught trying to pay her wife with city money in a nepotism scam last year.

Or maybe she was too busy breaking campaign finance laws and sweeping in multiple contributions in excess of the limits put in place for candidates.

Or she may have been concerned about a recent ethics complaint filed against her by an officer she berated and belittled. Voicing concerns about law enforcement policies, particularly those affecting Black communities, is both legitimate and proper. Making derogatory accusations based solely on race is not.

While CdeBaca continues to attack his administration from the left, Hancock must deal with incoming from right-wing critics like conservative talk radio host Steffan Tubbs. This past week, Tubbs released a new “movie” titled “Denver in Decay.”

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