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Band-Aids won’t save the Colorado Republican Party

By definition, change does not come naturally to conservatives. Putting faith in principles, policies and institutions that have served as the bedrock for our families and communities is canonical for Republicans.

Unfortunately for Colorado Republicans, that bedrock seems to have crumbled beneath their feet.

When the Colorado Republican State Central Committee meets in a few weeks, it faces an existential crisis. Republicans got absolutely waxed in the 2018 elections, losing every statewide office, their state Senate majority, and all leverage in the state House where Democrats now control 41 of the 65 seats. Trickle-down politics being what they are, Republicans in many local elections were cleared out as well.

The titular purpose for the meeting will be to elect party leadership. With outgoing Chairman Jeff Hayes opting against a re-election run, a spirited race will pre-dominate the proceedings. But expecting a new party chair to save the Republican Party is a bit like expecting a Band-Aid to stanch the bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest; it might plug the hole for a second or two, but without major surgery the patient will still die.

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