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Attacks on Mike Johnston endorsers are a bunch of Brough BS

The Denver mayoral race is winding down, and it seems Kelly Brough’s chance to take the top seat must be slipping away. That would explain the recent spat of half-measure, indirect attacks against Mike Johnston.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my personal experience working with Johnston and why I supported him in the race. I had a front row seat to his leadership style when I served as general counsel for COVIDCheck Colorado and took offense when a former state worker went to multiple media outlets to undermine our work.

I knew it was not coincidental that the story broke just before ballots went out. I have worked in politics too long and campaigned too often not to recognize it immediately. It was obvious that Brough’s campaign — or someone working to help her — pushed that story. To me, it is just a part of the game.

I did not believe it was an effective attack against Johnston: most voters believe there is plenty of credit to go around for anyone who worked to help us through the pandemic. The attack just upset and energized people like me who took offense to the comments.

But it seems Brough has doubled down in the interim.

Now her campaign is slinging mud at people who endorsed Johnston. That is the kind of bank-shot candidates put up only when they see the campaign slipping away. It is a move that cries desperation — especially when your own glass house of endorsements could have questionable members.

In this case, Brough picked on yet another person I know well. Her campaign decided to go after former mayoral candidate Rep. Leslie Herod. Brough claimed Herod sought a promise that she would have an important job in Brough’s administration in exchange for Herod’s endorsement. Brough’s less-than-subtle implication is that Johnston must have made that promise.

To me, it is a bunch of Brough BS.

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