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April snow showers always throw me for a loop

Last Saturday I laid sod in my yard as the temperatures rose through the 60s and touched 70. This weekend I will be staring out over the area covered in a blanket of snow.

There may be nothing to signal spring in Colorado like a late snowstorm.

I am a Colorado native and have been accustomed to the last vestiges of winter. Nonetheless, every year it still seems to take me by surprise. Without fail I am lulled into the warmth and grandeur of a beautiful Colorado weekend in March or April and begin thinking about summer activities.

Hiking, camping, backpacking. Grilling with friends. Hanging out on patio bars. Playing pickup soccer games in Cranmer Park. Watching the Rockies set new records in futility. All the things that draw people to our state — and many of which seemed stuck in time over the past year.

Maybe that made me more susceptible this year. The promise of spring this year bears the promise of freedom and escape from a pandemic, not just frosty weather.

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