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An extraordinary group of supporters have proclaimed Amendment B the right thing for Colorado

When focused on substantive policies, and not just personal smears and scare tactics, politics can bring people from divergent perspectives together. 

I know that seems hard to believe during the current presidential battle, but Coloradans need to look no further than the campaign to pass Amendment B to see that it is true. The statewide effort to repeal the Gallagher Amendment has drawn an astoundingly diverse coalition of supporters.

I first got involved as an attorney working with the campaign for that very reason. Former Secretary of State Bernie Buescher reached out and asked if I would be willing to help. It did not take much convincing.

First, in two decades working in Colorado politics, I have only heard superlatives about Buescher. Smart, dedicated and congenial, he draws as much praise from Republicans as he does from members of his own party. The opportunity to work with him on a project naturally enticed me.

Second, and more important, the cause he took up is critical to Colorado.

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